Classes & Training

Introduction To Handguns (Level 1 Pistol)
Our most popular class, offered every Wednesday from 6-8 pm. We cover the basics of gun safety, marksmanship and some helpful information for buying your first handgun. Great for all skill levels, and required for our next level courses.
Course Cost: $50.00 per person (Rental gun, eye & ear pro included.)

  • Maximum Attendance: 12 seats
  • Offered every Wednesday
Advanced Handgun (Level 2 Pistol)
This course takes the skills learned in Level 1, and improves your practical shooting skills by learning to shoot at longer distances and some drills to improve overall gun handling skills.
Course Cost: $50.00 per person. Rental gun, eye & ear pro included.

  • Offered once a month
  • Max of 6 – 8 students per class
  • Dates for upcoming classes Monday, June 16th 6-7pm
Competition Handgun (Level 3 Pistol)
Our competition course teaches you the skills needed for tactical/practical/competitive shooting disciplines. Our instructors are current competitors in USPSA/IDPA and have a wealth of knowledge working with firearms in tactical environments all over the world.
Student Cost: $50.00 per person student Rental gun, eye & ear pro included.

  • Maximum Attendance: 6 Students
  • Offered once a quarter
  • For this class a holster, mag pouch, and spare magazine is required.
  • Next Class Tuesday, May 27th 6-7pm
Practical Rifle Class (This will be held at East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL)
This is an exciting new class for new rifle shooters! Got a bolt gun or a carbine you’d like to be more accurate and comfortable with? Bring them out and ring some steel at ranges up to 300 yards! We’ll give you the basics on rifle and range safety, basic shooting positions, and quality coaching to help you get the most out of your rifle. We’ll be shooting between 50-70 rounds over the course of four hours, and any standard caliber rifle is welcome. Leverguns, bolt-actions, semi-auto’s and single shots can ALL take this class! (No magnum calibers permitted). (We also require that your rifle be zeroed prior to attending).
Course Cost: $150.00 per person

  • Class date Saturday, June 21st 9am-1pm
  • Class location East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL
Practical Carbine Class (This class will be held at East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL).
This class is designed for those interested in dynamic rifle shooting. We will review shooting from various positions (prone, kneeling, free hand) and magazine changes. Then we will give you the tools to effectively shoot an active course of fire at close quarters. We will be shooting between 80-100 rounds over the course of four hours and any carbine rifle is welcome (including .22LR). (All rifles must be zeroed before class).
Student Cost: $150.00 per person.

  • Next Class Sunday, June 29th 9am-1pm
  • Class location East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL
NRA Basic Pistol Certification Class 
The NRA certification class is an extension of the Introduction class for the purpose of obtaining the NRA Basic Pistol Certification. This is a 2 part course that will cover in depth the parts and operation of a handgun, how to handle malfunctions, and general familiarity with shooting. There is a test required by the NRA but once you pass the test you will receive a certificate (suitable for framing).
Course Cost: $60.00 per person

  • Class date June 23-24 6-8:30pm (each night)
  • Class location Shooters of Columbus, 4445 Milgen Road, Columbus, GA 31907
Ladies Only Class (This class will be held at East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL).
This class is designed specifically for female shooters. We will address some of the issues that ladies face shooting and carrying concealed. We will also be shooting static targets, multiple targets, and grand finale steel poppers! This class is designed for beginners but not newbies (for newbies we reccomend the Wednesday Intro Class first). Each shooter will need to bring a pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition. (Any caliber is welcome).
Student Cost: $100.00 per person.

  • Next Class Saturday, May 31st 9am-11am(slots still available!) and June 28th 9am-11am
  • Class location East Alabama Gun Club 200 Hwy 169 South, Phenix City, AL
  • Our Classes have limited seating, so make your reservations early!
  • All classes are first come, first served!
  • Any classes held at East Alabama Gun Club must be paid cash or check at the range. (If you need to pay with a Credit or debit card, this must be done ahead of time at Shooters of Columbus.)

Individual Instruction is also available at SHOOTERS OF COLUMBUS on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after 3pm, if you would prefer a one on one training environment, or have specific training needs. Rates are $40.00 per hour, per person or $30.00 per hour, per person for two or more people in a group. Limit 4 people per individual training session..

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at John Wilkes, Victoria or just call us here at the shop 706-568-9313